About Us

Getta Pro is a service to facilitate the home maintenance experience. As a family-operated business, we emphasize the engagement of local businesses and independent operators, and we help you get the job done smoothly, with no headache. Just tell us your problem, and we’ll resourcefully find you an expert and display their availability and pricing— maintenance scheduling made easy, so you can get it done.

Our Platform

Let's be honest — home maintenance is frustrating, even for simple jobs. Our goal is to help you find the right maintenance professionals in just a few clicks — no more tedious back-and-forth; no more missed calls; no more dissatisfaction. We help you diagnose your home maintenance issues and connect you with the right professional for the job. You tell us your problem, and we’ll take care of it. Our operators are longstanding, established local businesses, and they get the job done. Our platform also provides our operators with the right information, so there will be no second visits; the job will be done right, with no headache.

Community First

Getta Pro is dedicated to working with local businesses; our operators are established local professionals who have been serving the community for decades. We are committed to fostering community involvement and building relationships with the nearest professionals to you.

Our Team

Salvatore Giovannotto

Our founder, Sal, was born and raised in Palo Alto, and he has cultivated fantastic relationships with local businesses since his first job at Hassett Ace Hardware. Sal has robust Real Estate and Property Management experience; he has worked with contractors for years, and his recurring frustration with scheduling shone light on a familiar problem; sure, finding a contractor is straightforward, but communication can be a nightmare, and scheduling is still done manually by phone. Sal found the constant back and forth unnecessary, so he did something about it. Getta Pro finds you local contractors and gets them to your door quickly.

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